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Virgo can be little prudish in the love stakes. They love cleanliness and hygiene in every area of their lives so why would making love be any different? If you get involved with a Virgo make sure you don't go directly from your job in the trenches to the bedroom. Nothing turns them off more than unpleasant body odours or unsightly fashion statements. Shower first and don't forget the flowers on the way over. Lovely fragrances and tokens of your love will please your Virgo partner.

Of course Virgo is represented by the virgin. Each and every lovemaking session with the Virgo is like making love to a virgin. But don't be fooled. Virgo is ruled by Mercury which is intellectual and shrewd. This is their way of luring you into thinking that they are inexperienced and need your help to show them just what to do between the sheets. You fool! Wait till you experience the squealing and intellectual ramblings of a Virgo in the midst of a powerful orgasm!

The waist and lower belly are the quickest way into the pants of a Virgo male or female. This part of their body is ruled by their star sign and will quickly reveal their sexual response once you turn them on in this area. Don't forget as well, that the most erotic part of the body is the brain. Mercury rules the thinking processes and Virgo requires this part of it being to be stimulated before you can hope to even get to first base.