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You are a show off Leo and love to strut your stuff in the bedroom. In fact, even in public places you have no qualms about parading your sexual prowess for all to see. It's as if you are on the prowl like the lion which rules you. You know you are attractive and you love the attention. Dramatic gestures dominate your lovemaking style and unless the person you choose as your prey is not equal, you could make a meal of them in one swift session.

As a feline you are nocturnal so making love late at night really turns you on. You can go for hours and your stamina is second to none. You love to growl and make lots of noise which is your way of showing your partner just how much you enjoy intimacy.

Leo rules the spine, back and heart. These areas of your body are particularly susceptible to the touch and caress of a loving partner. Of course we mustn't forget the fact that the lion has a wonderful mane of hair. Using this in foreplay is a must. Teasing your partner with your silky locks of hair will be a precursor to drawn out, hot and wild sex - like the jungle, hot and steamy.

Leo is a loyal sign and once you win their affections you can enjoy the bliss of sex on a daily basis. Make sure that you keep your evenings free and don't start work at 9:00 AM. You'll need a sleep in once you find yourself in the bed of a Leo.