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Communication is the key word for Mercury ruled Gemini. If you're in bed and want to have lots of hot rampant sex then don't forget the dirty talk. Gemini's need lots of it. Foreplay and having lots of fun is part of the youthful Gemini sex experience. If you are a Gemini, you need to fantasize and express your sexual feelings. Anything less than this seems to be rather boring to you.

You are quick when it comes to sex so you could be classified as the consummate quickie specialist. Sex anywhere, anytime and especially on the go and even in public places will suit you to the ground. You love the excitement and the thrill of being caught. Mercury, your ruler is classed as a youthful planet. Even if you are middle aged or a senior, the thrill of sex or feeling young and exciting will never leave you.

Gemini rules the chest and lungs. Delicately and sensitively kissing or stroking the chest of the Gemini sends them to seventh heaven. Because the lungs relate to breathing, soft breath and utilizing your breathing will also be a tremendous turn on. Whisper your most erotic fantasies into your partner's ear under your breath and have them breathe their own exciting desires or fantasies as you tremble in anticipation.

Believe it or not, humor is one of the key ingredients for a satisfactory sexual experience with Gemini. Jokes, laughter, lots of fun and impulsive antics are important to make your sexual life all that more satisfying.