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Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac but also one of the most nurturing and caring. Love and sex need to have the element of sentimentality and grace as part and parcel of the whole experience. You are warm, cuddly and homely by nature and love the security of a friendly and well known environment in which to really get your rocks off.

If you think sex is the be all and end all, with a Cancer, you are mistaken. Emotional attachment is very much a part of their character and sex for sex alone is usually out of the question. But Cancer is also a water sign, so perhaps a bit of inebriating liquid will soften and loosen them up. Once you open up, you open up nice and wide.

Your breasts and chest are the most responsive areas and attention to these areas of the body will trigger the most wonderful sexual responses. Both men and women will enjoy being titillated in these regions during long and loving sexual episodes. Women in particular will get wet and drench their partners due to the fluidity of the Cancer water sign.

Getting involved with the Cancer is not just a sexual experience; it is a deep and meaningful emotional experience as well.